Aeria Contest

4th Annual Aeria Fan-Art Contest (AAFAC)

It’s a little later than usual, but what would a year with Aeria be without it’s annual fan-art contest! The past three years were amazing fun, we’ve received dozen of entries all over the world and of of all ages. So without further a due, let me introduce you to our “4th annual Aeria Fan-art contest”!

This year’s competition is slightly different to the past three years as it is a themed contest. Before, you could pick any character of the cast and draw them in any way that pleased you but this year the theme is: Beach party!
That’s right, you can take any & all characters from Aeria and you need to draw them on a beach having a party! Now that’s a twist, isn’t it?

Without complicating anything further, here are the details on the contest:
Theme: Beach Party
Rules: Must be on a beach & include characters from Aeria. (As many as you want.)
Entries: You are allowed to send us up to 2 entries.
Deadline: The contest is open until November 31st, that’s the final date for your entry.
Medium: Anything. Literally. Painting, digital, 3D, cosplay, figurines, knitting, you name it!
Submission: Send it to and/or send it via a note on DeviantArt to “Fabrazz”.

And of course, what would a contest be without prizes:

1st Place Prizes:

  • 100USD Gift Certificate to
  • 50USD Gift Certificate to iTunes
  • Aeria Poster of your choosing
  • Aeria Shirt of your choosing
  • Aeria 4-chapter book
  • Aeria mug

2nd Place Prizes:

  • 75USD Gift Certificate to
  • 40USD Gift Certificate to iTunes
  • Aeria Poster of your choosing
  • Aeria 4-chapter book

3rd Place Prizes:

  • 50USD Gift Certificate to
  • 30USD Gift Certificate to iTunes
  • Aeria 4-chapter book

Honorable Mention (There’ll be two):

  • 20USD Gift Certificate to iTunes

Pretty neat prizes huh?! Additionally, like every year, I’ll make a kick-ass collage of all the submissions to show off to everyone & will feature all the pieces in the fan-art section of the website. So what are you waiting for?! Get working!