Jul 16Fiery Rose
Jul 9Focus!
Jul 2The final blow!
Jun 27We’re on kickstarter!!!
Jun 17Not So Fast
May 28Payback Time!
May 22Still Alive.
May 7Suicide Mission
May 1Time to Die
Apr 24More Than Two
Apr 17A Sustainable Heart
Apr 9There Were Two
Apr 2Not the Only One
Mar 26Two Can Play That Game
Mar 12Quick Consequences
Mar 5Quick Revenge
Feb 27Organic Danger
Feb 13Torn in Pieces
Feb 5The Rise of a Demon!
Jan 23I Repeat, He is Down!
Jan 16Playtime is Over.
Jan 9The Fall of a Friend
Jan 2Please, Not Again.


Dec 26Chapter 8: The Resurgence of Dreading Loss
Dec 18To Face Another Death
Dec 12The Deer is Useless
Nov 27Addiction
Nov 20A Moment of Negligence
Nov 13Getting Left Behind
Oct 31The Central Core
Oct 23Taking the Wrong Turn
Oct 16Will He Come to My Aid?
Oct 9Like Sisters.
Oct 2Friends are Coming.
Sep 26Trying to be Strong.
Sep 13Working Together.
Sep 4Rumbly Tumblies.
Aug 29The little Sweetheart
Aug 15Who Have We Here.
Aug 7Can it be..?
Aug 2Mumbling Mess.
Jul 26What about the Bananas?
Jul 20Game: Cannon Crasha!
Jul 4Temporary Safety
Jun 27A Fresh Specimen.
Jun 19Picky Monstrosities
Jun 7Questionable Help
May 29Horrific Drowning
May 22Acting Like Monkeys
May 18The Three Dolts.
May 8Chapter 7: The Wall
May 1For the Family.
Apr 25Three versus One.
Apr 17Worse Things than Death.
Apr 10Abandoned but Armed.
Apr 4Gave it your Everything.
Mar 21By a White Hair’s Breadth
Mar 13I Can Do It!
Mar 6Speeding Towards Safety
Feb 20Maskless Fools
Feb 13Do It Now!
Feb 6The Stakes Are High
Feb 1Odds of Survival
Jan 26Have your reward.
Jan 16How Peculiar Indeed.
Jan 10That’s the Guy!
Jan 2Happy New Year!


Dec 26Expected Visitors.
Dec 19Instinct.
Dec 8Dominating… Foreboding.
Nov 30Just too easy.
Nov 21A very short truce.
Nov 14Communities of Equality.
Nov 7Equal Amount of Death.
Oct 31It doesn’t matter!
Oct 24A Debt to Repay.
Oct 16Amarogs and Humans?
Oct 11Dimwitted beard monkey.
Oct 3Chapter 6: Transcending Barriers.
Sep 26The Horror.
Sep 19Childish Quarrels.
Sep 12Pipeline Disaster.
Sep 5Life in leftovers.
Aug 29Dead Meat!
Aug 22Slave Bowling.
Aug 15Talking Corpses.
Aug 8Fear of Punishment.
Aug 1Sky Prison.
Jul 26So empty, so alone.
Jul 19An infiltration team.
Jul 11It’s only logical.
Jul 4Hot-tempered friend.
Jun 27Spineless, senile hermit!
Jun 20Industrial Prowess.
Jun 13Sky Corp…!
Jun 6Calm yourself, fool.
May 30Losing another.
May 23The kidnapping of friends.
May 16To find your Farloctar.
May 9Heart failure.
May 3The Aspect within us.
Apr 25Green Cells and Arcanium.
Apr 18It’s been 2 years! Happy Birthday!
Apr 11I would like to know.
Apr 4It’s in your blood.
Mar 30Losing control over the mind.
Mar 21Dormant cells..?
Mar 14Chapter 5: A reason to fight for.
Mar 7A frightening discovery.
Feb 29Logbook Entry, Year MMMMXI.
Feb 22History is tiresome.
Feb 15The first and last War of Aeria.
Feb 8The hope of coexistence.
Feb 1The reveal of airspace!
Jan 25Yet Again, On a Dreamy Night Sky.
Jan 18Best roomies, ever!
Jan 11I’m just so glad.
Jan 4To protect my family.


Dec 28I’ve always felt like an outcast.
Dec 21Know your limits, lizard.
Dec 14What are we fighting for?
Dec 7It’s about Chizelle?
Nov 30Different views.
Nov 23A fancy new eyepatch.
Nov 16Hope for coexistence.
Oct 21Welcome to the Guild!
Oct 12Help us out, share Aeria!
Oct 5The truth behind the curtain.
Sep 28The quest for revenge.
Sep 23An open invitation.
Sep 14A turn of fate?
Sep 8A mighty white buffalo never forgets.
Sep 1I don’t like you anyway.
Aug 25Three things I hate in life.
Aug 17A calm greeting!
Aug 10Chapter 4: A city of secrets!
Aug 3Chapter 4: The….Wait, hang on, what?
Jul 27A lion’s keep is always guarded.
Jul 20An old man’s secret?
Jul 13Impossible, improbable, unimaginable!
Jul 6Was it arcane magic?
Jun 29Release it!
Jun 22A human gifted with amarogian power.
Jun 15This time death is pointed towards Fabraz.
Jun 8Amidst a crowd.
Jun 1That had to hurt!
May 25You had it coming.
May 18One last chance.
May 11A strike without mercy.
May 4What kind of guild?
Apr 27The peaceful way out?
Apr 20Happy 1st Birthday Aeria!
Apr 13Low standards?
Apr 6Amarogian slaughter.
Mar 30Flirting with danger.
Mar 23Fastest running Aerian.
Mar 16She’s just my boring sister?
Mar 9Ignorance is Bliss.
Mar 2Tarmar is soft and cuddly.
Feb 23Chapter 3: A Guild and a Hero’s Training!
Feb 16Welcome to Tarmar.
Feb 9Hypocrite?
Feb 2Your kind, not mine.
Jan 26Off to town.
Jan 19Tasty & expensive.
Jan 12Ye’re a fool boy.
Jan 5What’s this feeling?


Dec 29Hit’n Run.
Dec 22A stranger’s welcome.
Dec 15Life’s a mystery.
Dec 8The mind and body at work.
Dec 1Painful help.
Nov 24Fab the farmer.
Nov 17A big ol’ fish!
Nov 10A view of worlds
Nov 3The gift of life
Oct 27Why was I spared…?
Oct 20A certain gift
Oct 13Need meets greed.
Oct 6They say all woman have a tough shell.
Sep 29An unfamiliar face
Sep 28Chapter 2: A whole new beginning.
Sep 22A truth that’s hard to face.
Sep 15A bizarre world…
Sep 9Chapter 1: Prologue Finale.
Sep 8The end of an era…
Sep 1There is no stop to momentum!
Aug 25Rage and Fury!
Aug 18We will meet again, father…
Aug 11Feelings beyond race
Aug 4A captains honour
Jul 28Hope or Despair?
Jul 22More than one life shattered
Jul 15A second of change
Jul 8The Power Within
Jul 4Time to Fight the Impossible!
Jun 22Time to Face Reality
Jun 15This is My Life
Jun 8Was it Fate?
Jun 2On a Dreamy Night Sky
May 27A Child is Innocent?
May 19The One’s Joy is the Other’s Hate
May 11Captain’s Command
May 2Enter the Fabraz
Apr 24Black Clouds Swelling Up
Apr 21Just a little help.
Apr 20The Tale of Aeria