About the Team:

Fabian Rastorfer, known as Fabrazz on the internet is a young Swiss currently studying in “The New School: Parsons” in New York. Known as being overly-ambitious he can think of nothing better than digital design. His goal is to enjoy life and share his passion for art and story-telling which is evident here on this website. Fabian is responsible for the storyboard, script, general design, content and development in the tale of Aeria.

Check out his portfolio: http://fabraz.com/

or his two videogames: Cannon Crasha & Wild Wild Pixel.

Songwut Ouppakarndee, known as Arseniquez on the internet is a successful mangaka in Bangkok.
He has been doing several breathtaking projects involving anime and manga. His knowledge in the area of arts, anatomy, and expression are superb and his attitude is grateful and cheery.
He is responsible for the illustrations, art, shading, direction, and correction of the outlook in the tale of Aeria.

Check out his portfolio: http://arseniquez.deviantart.com/.

He also translates “The tale of Aeria” into Thai, here.

Kridsana Rattananen, known as Un4 on the internet, is a successful freelancer that graduated from the Ramkamhang University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, Bangkok.
He’s a professional talent when it comes to anime & manga and is involved in larger projects such as the “Fadalgia” cards game.
He lends a hand to Arseniquez illustrations (Cell-Shading & eventual line-art) and usually creates our large, promotional posters.

Check out his portfolio: http://un4lord.deviantart.com/.

Tim Harding, known as, well, Tim Harding on the internet, is best known for his work on the webcomic 2P START! Tim spent three years writing scripts for the comic, which gained notoriety in the videogame world for its clean and clever humor and vector-based artwork. Armed with degrees in Math, Computer Science, and Business, Tim is the all-around web expert who built the Aeria website. He’ll likely be called upon in times of crisis to fix whatever gets messed up!

Check out his work here: 2P START!

Emoticon Help:

We have several unique emoticons of Fabraz that you can use in your comments here on this website, here’s a list of all of them.

Just remove the space between the characters, example : smile : without spaces between smile and : will show :smile:.

Emoticon P1 Short text text Long text Emoticon P2 Long text
:) : ) :- ) : smile :
:D : D :- D : grin : :oops: : oops :
:( : ( :- ( : sad :
:o : o :- o : eek : :evil: : evil :
8O 8 O 8- O : shock : :twisted: : twisted :
:? : ? :- ? : ??? : :roll: : roll :
8) 8 ) 8- ) : cool :
:x : x :- x : mad :
:P : P :- P : razz :
:| : | :- | : neutral :
;) ; ) ;- ) : wink : :mrgreen: : mrgreen :

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