Return of a Monster

Return of a Monster

January 13th, 2017

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Discussion (11)¬

  1. faceisname says:

    ChristianGuy called it!!!

    • ChristianGuy says:

      I was not expecting the pet attack sabertooth lions though. Nice twist, Fabraz :D

    • ChristianGuy says:

      And this guy has a full tank of double shaman juice, plus that techno armor. If Fabraz doesn’t go all out from the very beginning, he’s going to lose D:

    • ChristianGuy says:

      Plus, he’s using three heavy duty chains for each lion, which means they are almost guaranteed to be augmented as well-maybe FMA-style Chimeras, with the slitted eyes.

    • ChristianGuy says:

      Yeah, the pupils of those eyes are too small and too narrow to be regular cat eyes; either they are hopped up battle drugs, or those are snake eyes. If those are snake eyes, then those dark paired markings underneath them would be thermal pits.

    • ChristianGuy says:

      It looks like they have poison channels on the outside of their top fangs as well-definitely lion/snake hybrids. Maybe they were used as test beds for Tanlan?

  2. ExPaladin says:

    Oh dear. O_O

  3. Crestlinger says:

    Quick! Shine a red dot on his energy tanks!

  4. foducool says:

    shit, sky is the limit