Playtime is Over.

Playtime is Over.

January 16th, 2014


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  1. ChristianGuy says:


    • Janet says:

      A lot of the people who hate iPhones often times have siimrally or higher priced phones. People who hate iPads often have similarly or higher priced tablets. GTFO.

  2. ExPaladin says:

    (Panel 1)
    Don’t you dare do a thumbs up, big and ugly!!! >:C

  3. Xandares says:

    Soldier 1: What’s happening to him?!
    Soldier 2: His power level… it’s over 9000!
    Soldier 1: What nine thousaaaaaand?

    sorry, had to say it… because seems like fabraz is about to go super sayan <.<

  4. foducool says:

    now it’s on!

  5. A.J. says:

    And thus did Fabraz become the dark hero…

  6. Turtak says:

    Poor Fabraz……everyone is dying around him i wonder if haidar is dead too. :(

  7. M. Van Dunkelschreiber says:

    uh oh he’s about to snap