Big News and it’s all good! (Continued)

Hey Everyone! Many of you are new to this site, so welcome on board!

The traffic on Aeria has significantly grown in size in the past 2 weeks and we have successfully managed to start off chapter 2. Phew!
That alone is already a lot, but that’s not all!

We made some major updates to the website, some are under the hood kind of things such as speed but we also changed many things that you might have
already discovered! Our shop now offers Chapter 1 as a printed comic book for only 4.99$! So if you are a fan and want a copy in your room, feel free to order one!

I also want to quickly note that we will ALWAYS release Aeria for FREE on the internet, buying the comic books is 100% optional to support our work :)

We also added 2 posters that you can buy and we added a new section in the toolbar: Media. There you can find 3 really neat wallpapers that you are free to use, 5 resolutions are provided. <3
There is also a preview of how Arseniquez and me create a single page each week, if you are interested.
We also added character descriptions in the “About” box, like this you will never run out of reading material! ;)

That’s it folks, stay tuned for the next pages of chapter 2, they’re going to be real sweet, trust us! :D

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Jester says:

    Awesome! I’ve actually been really dying to know what happens next. The story has got me pretty hooked from the beginning.

  2. theresa says:

    I wood like my daughters and sun son be japaness cartoon and i belive that ther cartoons cHaraters will be them selves in the movies in th as the beauty ful self as they are and they love it if you give them a try and they will be as good asthey can be